TrackIR is a small head tracking device. It can be used to control your view directly by your head movements. It works extremely well and has already support in many games.

TrackIR can only work with games that either support the TrackIR device directly or support mouselook. Unfortunatly some games use joystick axes to control the view. The tir2joy utility will convert mouse movements to movements of a virtual joystick device. It will enable the use of TrackIR in games with joystick look support (like Nascar Racing 2003 and F1 Challenge).


TIR2Joy is released as public domain.

Download TIR2Joy Version 1.2

You also need Deon van der Westhuysen’s excellent virtual joystick driver PPJoy.

  • Clive Galway

    Hi, any chance of porting this to Shaul’s vJoy? http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net

  • http://www.dikant.de/ Peter Dikant

    Sorry, I do no longer work on TIR2Joy.